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Bob™ Pleasure Object Review

I consider myself to be open-minded about my butt and anal pleasure.  I'm not afraid to play with it and put things in it.  Despite this, I have rarely found my experiences to live up to my expectations, but I am always willing to try a new toy in the hopes of finding anal nirvana.

Bob with tester

Lelo makes some of the most attractive toys in the marketplace today and Bob is no exception.  Their choice of dark blue, the soft sultry texture of the silicone (the surface feels like a fine velvet), and the manageable size may take away some of the anxiety that some men might feel when contemplating exploring anal pleasure.  How big is it?  About the size of my thumb.  I have a big thumb though.  How hard?  Not rock-hard, but firm enough that it isn't floppy or squishy. The connecting part between the toy and the handle is quite flexible, which makes for a comfortable fit.

Initial insertion was easy enough, using a water-based anal lube (any water-based lube should work fine).  I found that Bob instantly settled on my prostate with a nice amout of pressure.  Not a lot, just a comfortable, pleasurable amount.  The ring handle can barely be felt rubbing on the outside, and provides a great way to control the plug.  In, out, around and around are all easily manageable by wearer as well as by partner.

I also tested how well it stays in place.  I walked around, got up, sat down, etc. and it stayed firmly, comfortably in place while continuing that light pressure on my prostate.  I would imagine that you really could wear this often and for long periods of time while doing just about anything.

In terms of orgasm, I doubted that Bob would manage to do it on its own, and I was right. It felt nice when inserted and lightly manipulated but not orgasmic.  Stronger manipulation ended up being actually too much for me, with the feelings becoming more distracting than pleasurable.  This probably says more about my own anal pleasure development and preferences than the toy's abilities, though.  Generally I prefer my partner's fingers over toys for targeted prostate massage, and I've never found an anal toy capable of causing orgasm on its own, so these aren't really negative points against this particular toy.

Bob and packaging

The packaging for Bob is very tasteful, a sturdy black box with a hard plastic insert that holds the toy. You could use the box and plastic holder to store Bob, or you could use the black satin bag that's also included. Lelo have obviously made an effort to convey the high level of quality of this item, referring to it as "the gentleman's plug", and a "pleasure object". It's like buying a small piece of art.

In summary, I really like Bob.  The styling, design and manufacture are very excellent.  I look forward to using it more, especially for longer wearing.  I believe that it is ideal for beginner anal adventurers, especially given that it is quite reasonably priced. 

Bob is available for $35.99 at OhhhCanada.ca.