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Bendy Beads Review

Bendy beads


When we received the bendy beads by Fun Factory for review from OhhhCanada.ca, and got a good look at the size of them, I said to Mr. Pleasurable Things, “Well, this is obviously one for you. Here you go, hun!” Then, I got a bit curious….we decided it was time for the partner with the more well-developed anal abilities to take a back seat (so to speak) this time, and the lesser-experienced one to find out exactly what experiences they had (sometimes) been missing out on.

So herewith, my first-ever anal toy review. To clarify, I’m no anal virgin, having enjoyed a good many penises and plug-style toys in this region, but I’ve never really felt that I had the expertise needed to review an anal toy, let alone one as sizable as the bendy beads. However, the beauty of the bendy beads is that each bead is progressively larger, so you can take things step by step and never proceed any further than you’re comfortable with. I really do think anyone male or female with a decent degree of anal experience in their past would enjoy this toy.

The bendy beads are about ten inches long (seven inches insertable), which is pretty long as anal toys go. However, the silky finish on the 100% silicone, non-porous material, as well as the oval shape of the beads (easier to insert than perfectly round shape would be) means that the toy need not be intimidating.

Bendy beads

You’ll want to use a good amount of water-based lube, since this is a silicone toy. I’d recommend a lube that is specifically for anal sex, as these are a bit cushier and more comfortable. The beads can be inserted gradually, stopping at whichever size you feel most comfortable with (I stopped at three). Some people enjoy the sensation of pulling the beads out slowly, either repeatedly or when they are near to orgasm. Personally, I enjoyed keeping them in during sex and removing after orgasm. I prefer the feelings of insertion and fullness over the sensation of something coming out- it's just a bit alarming! – but again, that's personal preference only, I imagine the bendy beads would be equally delightful for those who prefer the pulling-out feeling.

The beads have a slight ridge on one side, which I didn't particularly notice while using them. There's enough space between each bead that they're fairly easy to hold in, although not as easy as plug-style toys that have a bulbous part followed by a slightly longer, thinner shaft and then a base.

This toy can be used alone or with a partner, but lends itself slightly more to partner play. The bead series is really quite flexible (it's easy to curl it in a circle, as pictured), and therefore not always easy to control on your own, especially if you want to be able to use a thrusting motion. The bendiness is a lot of fun in partner play, though. The partner not wearing the beads can twist the non-inserted part around or bend it up like a tail, for example.

Overall, the bendy beads are extremely well-made, and a ton of fun to experiment with. The most I can offer by way of criticism would be that the packaging is a little excessive - they come displayed in a shoe-box sized box, when something half the size would be fine, and they don't come with a storage bag. Storage bags are always appreciated, and pretty much expected these days for toys over a certain price point.

In addition to the anal-friendly lube (and lots of it!) use whatever other anal sex preparations you're used to (of if it's all new to you, research your options based on your relationship with your partner and your level of comfort with mess and with risk) before starting out on your bendy beads expedition. This may mean a shower only, or a bag system for douching, or (our preference) a special shower head attachment for doing the rinsing a bit more efficiently. Also, even though it's just a toy, the risk of transmission of E. Coli and STIs is still present. Use your usual precautions (such as dental dams) if oral-to-anal is happening, and also consider condoms, including the “bottom condom”, which is really just a female condom re-purposed for anal use.

Health and safety announcement being over, I would like to once again recommend the bendy beads for those with a range of anal preferences and experience levels. Their quality and flexibility of usage styles make them pretty universally butt-friendly.