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Review of We Wibe 3

Courtesy of Colors and Toys who deliver my order on time, I tried for the first time the brand new we vibe 3 ! This is my (2 cts) review...

Summary : It's amaaaaazing !!! and i had tons of pleasure with it...

We just tried it with my fiancé and it was the best sexy moment i had since... a long time... shuutttttt don't tell him ;-)

Sometimes I use vibrators alone but mostly with my fiance. We use them during intercourse. So the We vibe seems the right product for us !

I ordered it to colors and toys and paid my We vibe 3 for 129.99, taxes and shipping included !

The We Vibe 3 in its docking station

As soon as I received it, I opened the box like a kid with her new toy!

The box contains :

- The We vibe 3 (thanks god!)

- The cradle to charge the sextoy (and storage box)

- The wireless remote


The New sextoy We Vibe 3 and can be used for two during penetration. Vibrant and remote, I tested it last night !

Those of you who enjoy the toys have certainly heard of the We Vibe vibrator for couples THE most sold (this is normal, this is the one hihihi). For others, the We Vibe is a sex toy designed to allow simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the inside of the vagina (which adjoins the inner part of the clitoris that is associated with the "G-Spot"). It can be worn during intercourse, which is nice.

The We Vibe 3, the latest, offers so many improvements over version V2 we may wonder if the marketing team was not formed from Apple!!! It is such a sextoy from space: no removable battery, no cable to connect. The sex toy is simply recharge by placing it in its holder. Do not ask me how it works, I stopped the physical before beginning. But I think it's orgasmic energy that passes through the silicone !!!

It is also a user-friendly sex toy: the previous version was using the button at one end of the vibrator to the power on / change the mode of vibration is far away! Hard to find the key quickly became slippery, and was not necessarily accessible according to our position and crannies in which it was poked. Miracle of technology, everything is now controlled by a mini remote shockingly easy to use.

So now you can enjoy hands-free orgasms, and even use (hands, not your orgasms) for other occupations (such as playing chess).

We Vibe 3 from Colors and Toys

And the man in all this? While appreciating the vibrations, he may enter while you hold the We Vibe, thus increasing the pressure on your vaginal wall. And most importantly you can leave the responsibility of the remote control. He has the ability to turn on or off the dildo and change the vibration rhythms (6), whether for love or just in the evening.

Yesterday evening, I opted for the second option, while being a little freaked at the idea of ​​ getting caught, of course. Is someone going to feel the vibrations, or realize that I have concentrating  trouble to answer his question? In fact, (almost) nothing of that. The beast and its remote are fairly discrete, I quickly forgot the sextoy when it does not vibrate, and no one hears it when it works.

So it was left for the uncontrolled vibrations evening. Only one problem: rest not too far from your boyfriend under penalty of being condemned to vibrate until death (of batteries) ensues. 3 meters distance indicated by the manufacturer are actually closer: 30 cm once dressed - to believe that even the inventors of sex toys cheat on length!!

Last major point, the boyfriend must know accurately count up to six, because apart from a hand discreetly placed on the upper thigh, no way for the all-powerful remote control holder to know the current pace of sextoy.

Then, the We Vibe 3 sextoy most high-tech market? The answer is yes (at least for a few weeks, things go faster). The price of this technology? $129 CAD. Yes this is almost the price of an iPod, but you don’t risk to be stolen in the subway. Normally.


Edit : now we use our We vibe 3 only at home during intercourse. The remote works well and give me better orgasm !


thanks to read and share if you like it !