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Review of the Sqweel 2

I've tried out the Sqweel 2 from OhhhCanada a few different ways, and here's my verdict: the Sqweel is best enjoyed if you think of it not as an exact oral sex replicator, but more as a unique gadget to add into all the foreplay fun, for partners of either gender.

The Sqweel is made of a plastic base, which holds the batteries and houses the control buttons, with a spinning wheel of silicone tongue-shaped petals in the centre. The 'tongues' have a nice firm-yet-flexible feel to them, not too floppy but also not too rigid. The arrow button when pressed makes the wheel turn faster up to three settings. The smaller button changes the direction - forwards, backwards, and alternating between the two.


The toy initially disappointed me in that it doesn't come close to feeling like real oral sex, which is so much more varied and hot, with different tongue shaping, patterns, use of hands, etc. The rapid lapping motion of the Sqweel is more like a tiny, rapid paddle massage. It's a very very nice massage, but not an orgasm-inducing one, at least not for me.

But then I took a different perspective and chose to explore what the Sqweel is good at. I found that there are many other parts of the body where this dexterous little massager can feel very good, on either a female or male body. It's not big enough to work major muscles, but is very stimulating on the smaller, more nerve ending-rich areas: clitoris, nipples, perineum, anus, glans of the penis. I had a lot of fun trying it out with my (male) partner, and we will definitely be keeping the Sqweel in our toy chest, specifically for the purpose of playful sex – whether as foreplay, or when we need to lessen up the intensity for a bit and focus on a new sensation. It's particularly lovely for rimming, and might be an easy first go at that act if either partner is new to it.

I had read in other reviews that the Sqweel will stop spinning when pressure is applied to it (when it is pushed too hard against the body). I found however that it can take enough pressure to be pleasurable without the wheel stopping, and if you apply more force it actually becomes kind of numbing after a while, I don’t think that more pressure would be particularly beneficial.

This toy definitely benefits from a healthy helping of lube, even more so than most sex toys, as otherwise the tongues can create too much drag. You'll want to use water-based lube of course, because of the silicone. Especially with the lube (but even without), the tongues are also pliable enough that they shouldn’t disturb any piercings, for those of us for whom this is a concern. You might worry about it catching if you were using it in an area with long hair.

The Sqweel pops apart easily, and you can wash the silicone wheel with soap and water (or stick it in the dishwasher). One final note: this is not a silent toy, but it's more discreet than some. It makes a more low-pitched whirring, vs. the high-intensity, power tool-like buzz of some vibrators.

On the whole, I think the Sqweel is a toy everyone should own, because there's nothing else quite like it, and because lighter tickly pleasures are wonderful for all, as part of our larger sex repertoire.