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How do I send someone a message?
From anywhere in the site, select “Conversations”, then “New Message”.

How do I add more people into a conversation thread?
When responding to a message, enter the name of the person  you want to add in the space at the top of the message. A list of people you have connections with will appear ; you can select people from this list.

How can I stop receiving messages on a conversation thread?
With the conversation open, select “Leave conversation” at the top right. You should not receive any futher messages on this thread unless someone adds you back in.

Can I remove recipients from a conversation thread?
When composing a reply, you’ll see icons for the recipients the new message is going to. If you want to not send your message to one of these people, click the “X” on their icon. This person will still have a record of the conversation up until this point, and can be added back in by you or someone else later. If that happens they will see only the messages in the conversation that were sent to them (e.g. not the message you removed them from).

Can I send mass emails?
There is no limit to the number of recipients of a message, but you can only send messages to people you have a connection with.

Can I recall a message?
No. You can delete the message from your conversations list, but it will still appear to the recipient(s) until they delete it.