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Wvrst Review

We had a little crush on Wvrst before visiting there in person. It had partly to do with the concept of a little downtown boite devoted exclusively to the plebian pleasures of sausage and beer, and partly to do with Wvrst's devotion of most of its website space to a "gallery of sausage art".

 And? We visited in person, and a meaty romance blossomed. The menu is sectioned by sausage type, with some representative of a particular country and others made from game meats, poutry, or a vegetarian style. There is also a choice of enjoying your sausage currywurst style (chopped up in sauce, bread on the side) or on a bun. The beer list is a well-curated selection of local and not-so-local draft and bottles.

 We tried the beef&coriander currywurst, venison with red pepper&dijon, duck-fat fries with herbed yoghurt sauce, Churchkey Brewing peat-smoked ale and Corne du diable IPA. All delicious. Portions were appropriate for a satisfying after-work snack, and prices very reasonable (sausages and beers all ranged between six and nine dollars apiece).

 The setting is beerhall-style, with long communal tables. Functional and somewhat authentic without trying too hard. Some will find the counterservice ordering convenient, but we found it was slightly confusing--are you allowed to approach the bar to order a drink, or must the drink ordering be done through the food counter? Never quite figured that part out.

 Hoping for a long life for Wvrst. Anyone living or working near King&Bathurst should schedule in a weekly visit, the sausage selections as well as the beers available are changed up frequently.