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Brassica Love: a Stir-fry Recipe for Two

Some people go through this cycle: eat carefully when they are single, get into a relationship and stop eating healthily (and maybe stop working out as well), and get “comfortable”. I would say that I eat relatively healthy living as a bachelor and eating at my pet’s* place as well (he has a massive kitchen). Hopefully, when one is involved in a relationship, one will not pick up bad eating habits, but be able to inspire each other by eating and cooking health food together.

I love eating kale and he loves eating brussels sprouts and both of us love eating them stir-fried. Our discoveries were made by cooking at each other’s houses – he ate kale at my house and loved it! He wanted to know more about kale’s healthy properties and how I prepared it. I ate brussels sprouts at his house in his version of a stir-fry. That was my first time eating brussels sprouts other the odd occasion that I have them at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Not that I dislike them, I just didn’t think they tasted that interesting when steamed or boiled. When brussel sprouts are cut into quarters and stir-fried, their natural sweetness comes out.

Last week, I made dinner at my house and surprised pet by having kale and brussels sprouts in my stir-fry together. Now my typical way of eating kale is supplemented by eating these two super-foods both from the brassica family together. Both have amazing properties that contains sulforaphane (chemicals said to have anticancer activity), and a phenomenal list of vitamins and other health benefits.  Not only do we both get to eat our favorite vegetables together, we eat this with happiness, smiles, and longevity in life.


2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 slices of ginger, minced

8 Brussel Sprouts (cut the end root and cut into quarters)

1 bunch of kale (chop the leaves and omit stem)

Red chilli pepper flakes

Salt and pepper to taste

Sprinkle of gluten-free tamari sauce and sesame oil



Put the garlic,  ginger, and brussel sprouts in a pan, cook for three minutes. Add in the kale and seasonings and cook for a further two minutes, stirring frequently.


*PSssssssssssssst...if you are wondering who pet is, it’s  a nickname used in the BDSM context.